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Our mold inspection, mold testing and consulting services address health concerns, mold issues, IAQ problems, allergens, bacteria, indoor contaminants, and property damage caused by fungal growth and moisture.

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Providing Professional Mold Services in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Since 2002 we have helped thousands of satisfied clients live with safety and peace of mind.

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Our Certified Consultants combine years of experience with the most advanced technologies to provide you with a scientific analysis of your indoor environment. We assess your problem, determine the cause and then prescribe professional solutions to fix it.

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Dealing with an environmental problem can be a scary process!

Of the thousands of clients we have provided consulting service to, only a handful had ever dealt with the process before. There is now an overload of information available on the internet, and while much of it is helpful, some of it can be contradictory and misleading. This can be very overwhelming and not knowing what to do or who to trust, can lead to costly mistakes, poor choices and often having to do the work over again.

This is where we help. As third party consultants we assess, test, analyze and report on the conditions of the environment and what your next steps should be. If it is necessary for work to be performed we offer guidance on the types of companies, the licensing and certifications that are required and the established protocol that should be followed.

Attention: Home Inspectors are NOT Environmental Professionals- READ THIS

Beware! Remediation and Testing- A Conflict of interest 

Lets face facts, 99% of the company’s in the U.S.  that offer “free” environmental inspections or mold test, also do the remediation or removal work. There is a strong conflict of interest with this and many states have established standards and licensing that forbids this practice. (Tx, NY, Fla,).

New Jersey and Pennsylvania are in the process of establishing similar laws and regulations that make it illegal for companies that perform mold remediation to do the mold testing or inspections.

Why is this a conflict?
Primarily, because most of the companies that offer “free” mold inspections are in reality selling you a high pressure, high dollar cleaning or removal project. Some will also explain that you do not need an inspection or testing. The problem with this is if there is not a baseline established or if the conditions are not documented, there is no way to determine the success of a project.

This “conflict” also creates the opportunity to manipulate test measurements and to interpret the results of both testing and inspections to drive a fear based decision by the client.

Mold Remediation Companies should not also perform the Mold Inspection…PERIOD!

Enviroproz Solutions

With approximately 35-40% of our mold inspections and investigations, once a problem was discovered, simple and affordable mold solutions where suggested where the client did not need a costly mold remediation project to fix it.

Communication and trust with you as a client is key. Your understanding of the process and providing you detailed reporting information and documentation  is our priority.

We partner with you and provide you with our knowledge and expertise to helps guide your decision making process. This allows  you to make educated, informed and correct choices in finding the best solutions.

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Our residential and commercial services include, assessing air quality, mold inspections, mold testing and black mold identification.

We have saved our clients thousands of dollars in unnecessary remediation costs and have provided them with the peace of mind of knowing that they have the industry professionals on there side.

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