Before you contract a mold removal or remediation company please read this page!



Things you should know about Remediation.

  • Not all mold is toxic and it does not always require removal by a high cost remediation company. You may not need expensive remediation!
  • Remediation companies offer very low cost or FREE Mold Inspections. Why? Because they will charge between $3000 and $10,000 on average to perform a mold remediation.
  • Unfortunately, most remediation companies do no not follow industry regulations and standards. (IICRC S520) So what are those standards? Exactly! Thats why its best to have a third party company on your side.
  • At least 25% of all of our consulting work is done on botched remediation projects that needed to be done over!
  • If remediation companies are following professional industry standards, they will not perform the inspection or testing on the project they are bidding or contracted to work on.
  • In many cases (depending on mold types and conditions) homeowners can perform the cleanup themselves -saving thousands of dollars!

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The EnviroProz Solutions

EnviroProz provides Professional Consulting, Testing and Inspection Services

If you do need remediation, our reporting provides solutions and guidelines so the work is performed according to standards.

Our services can save you money and make sure the job is done right!

We are third party Consultants and we do not perform remediation.

Our Services keep the removal companies honest!

Since 2002 we have helped over 2500 clients find the best and most affordable solutions for both safety and peace of mind.

With approximately 35-40% of our environmental investigations, once a problem was discovered, simple and affordable solutions where suggested where the client did not need a costly remediation project to fix it.

(Even if you see mold, it does not mean you need professional remediation)

Communication and trust with you as our client is key. Your understanding of the process and providing you detailed reporting information and next step solutions is our priority.

We will partner with you and provide you with our knowledge and expertise to helps guide your decision making process. This allows you to make educated, informed and correct choices in finding the best solutions.