Mold Testing and Inspection



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Mold Testing and Mold Inspection Services

Poor Indoor Air Quality and mold are the cause of many health problems today. Mold and moisture problems, if not identified and fixed, can significantly reduce a property’s overall value. The first step is identifying the problem and determining what should be done to fix it.

Safe Molds and Toxic Molds
Molds can produce mycotoxins which are known to cause serious health affects in both humans and animals. Molds are microscopic organisms and initially are not visible to the naked eye. By the time you can actually see mold growth, there are millions colony forming organisms, which under the correct conditions are releasing a large quantities of spores into the air.

There are no TLV’s ( threshold limit values) established because different types of molds and spore levels, affect everyone differently. Children, Seniors, and small pets are affected before healthy adults. Anyone with asthma, respiratory issues or compromised immune systems are high susceptible to the affects caused by molds, spores and mycotoxins.

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What causes mold growth?

If building material has become wet, such as walls, ceiling, or floors, mold can begin to grow within a 24 to 48 hour period. If your home or workplace has had a water event such as a wet basement, crawlspace, a plumbing leak, or a roof leak, the area could be contaminated with microscopic mold spores. Temperature, moisture (humidity) and a food source (wood, paper, cellulose materials) More often than not, there are problems that go beyond what can be seen by the naked eye.

A few questions to ask before having an IAQ investigation.

Is there a musty smell or strange odor in the home or building?
Does anyone have flu like or allergy symptoms? Headaches? Fatigue?
Is there visible evidence of moisture or water damage anywhere?
Is there visible mold in the basement, attic or any living areas? Bathroom?
Are there children, seniors (55+), small pets in home? Ongoing illness?


If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, you could have a problem. If you answered no to all of these questions, but still suspect there may be something wrong, it could be related to allergens or gaseous elements within the environment.

Often there are numerous IAQ problems in an affected area that can only be identified by an experienced Indoor Environmental Professional.

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Our Professional Service
The consultants here at EnviroProz are Certified Environmental Experts with the ability to investigate, test and consult IAQ Problems such as mold, bacteria, chemicals, gases, allergens and other Building Related Problems. We specialize in mold testing, mold inspections and Indoor Environmental Solutions.

Our Scientific Approach
Our investigative forensic approach is to determine the presence of moisture, mold, gas, viruses, contaminants and other contributing factors that could be causing illness or harm to the environment and damage to the structure.

Our Tools- Meters, Data, Analysis
We utilizing sophisticated instruments and tools in our  process we analyze the indoor environment and determine all potential threats. We use thermal infrared technology to determine temperature differentials in building materials. We use protimetiers and hygrometers to analyze building material water content and ambient moisture levels. And finally we utilize highly sophisticated particle counters to determine mold spore activity, pollen, dust and dander in the air.

With over 20 years of experience and the highest accreditation in the industry we are the team you can trust to prescribe solutions and offer direction on how to fix the problem. Identifying the problem and finding solutions is key to maintaining a normal, healthy indoor environment.

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A company that performs Mold testing and inspection services should not provide Mold Remediation or Mold Removal services. There is a strong conflict of interest here, and it is against nationally accredited standards. Many offer FREE INSPECTIONS, which are actually nothing more than someone coming out to sell you a high cost removal job.

An inspection by a certified and experienced IEP can help you make decisions on how to fix your problem, and often save you thousands of dollars if you need professional removal!

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