10 Tips For a Healthy Home

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You Can Also Save $100 on a Premium Mold Inspection till 2/15/16
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Our inspection, testing and consulting services address health concerns, mold issues, allergens, indoor contaminants, and property damage caused by fungal growth and moisture.

We use Thermal Infrared Imaging, Digital Moisture Detection and Laser Particle Counters to find the source of the mold problem!


EnviroProz Mold Testing

Enviroproz-The Company you can trust!

Since 2002 we have combined education and experience to help over 2500 satisfied clients live with safety and peace of mind.

Your Not Alone! Dealing with a Mold problem can be a scary process!

Of the thousands of clients we have provided consulting service for, only a handful have ever dealt with the process before. There is an overload of information available on the internet, and while much of it is helpful, some of it can be very contradictory and misleading. This can be very overwhelming and not knowing what to do or who to trust, can lead to costly mistakes, poor choices and often having to do the work over again.

Here are a few questions to ask;

  • Is there a musty smell or strange odor in the home or building?
  • Does anyone have flu like or allergy symptoms? Headaches? Fatigue?
  • Is there visible evidence of moisture or water damage anywhere?
  • Is there visible mold in the basement, attic or any living areas? Bathroom?
  • Are there children, seniors (55+), small pets in home? Ongoing illness?

We specialize in finding the hidden problems.

Our PREMIUM Mold Inspection includes the Following;

  • Client interviews
  • Visual inspection/ Photos Documentation
  • Full IAQ Investigation
  • Environmental Data Readings (Temp, RH, WB, DP)
  • Laser Particle Air Check/Count (Detects Elevated Spores, Dust, Allergen Activity)
  • Infrared Thermal Imaging Scan (Detects problems that can’t be seen)
  • Moisture Content/ Mapping Detection (ambient, substrate, red flag)
  • Base Line Mold Spore Air Sampling (1 outdoor, 1 indoor)
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Sampling Protocol
  • Lab analysis and Detailed Report
  • Full, Detailed, Comprehensive Inspection Report
  • Report Review and Interpretation
  • Verbal “Next Step” Consulting
  • Indoor Quality Safety Tips and Checklist

Compare Apples to Apples, there is not another Environmental Consulting Company that has the experience, the certifications AND another company that provides the level of service at the price that we do.

*Save $100 on our Premium Mold Inspection till 2/15/16
Call Now 888-547-5741

* Cannot be combined with any other offers.

Beware! Remediation and Testing- A Conflict of interest 

Any company that is offering a FREE inspection or services at a lowball price is in reality trying to sell you a high cost removal job. New standards and regulations prohibit removal companies from doing both the inspection and the work.

Questions? Call us for a FREE Consultation. 888-547-5741



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