Mold and Moisture

Mold Prevention

Eliminating Moisture is Key

How and where does Mold grow?
Moisture is the key to mold growth. Since the spores float easily in the air, they cannot be truly stopped from entering the house. They can fly in from outside or pets are good carriers of mold too. Normally, mold grows

In warm areas within the house
In areas where moisture is high
In areas where there is leakage of water
Prolonged humidity in the environment
Poor ventilation
Wet clothes
Leaking pipes
Shoe racks
Pets (hair, dander)

How to eradicate Mold?
Prevention is better than eradication. It would be better to take preventive steps to stop mold by controlling moisture and humidity in the house. Ensure to provide proper ventilation to electric devices like washing machines and dryers so that they do not contribute to the increase in moisture in the house.

If it rains continuously for a couple of days or rainy conditions prevail for longer periods, ensure to ventilate the house well to drive away humidity and moisture. Avoid drying clothes online indoors. Reduce the usage of humidifiers in houses.

Despite all these, if mold growth persists, call a service company that specializes in mold testing. EnviroProz has trained professionals who can detect where mold starts and spreads through the house.

The service company technicians are experts in mold inspection and testing techniques. They inspect the house thoroughly to ascertain the genesis of mold and ascertain the extent of the damage. They provide consultation and detailed reporting on mold types, levels and whether it is dangerous or not. Lastly, they provide you with the information needed to either clean the mold yourself or have it professionally cleaned.

It is advisable to inspect for mold growth in the house periodically and take steps to prevent the onset of mold. At the first sight of mold, summon a service company for testing to protect the overall health of your family.