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Our inspection, testing and consultation services address health concerns,mold, IAQ problems, indoor contaminants, and property value loss due to damage.

EnviroProz Mold Testing

Mold Testing and Sampling Services

A Company you can trust!
Enviroproz Certified Consultants combine years of experience with the most advanced technologies to provide you with a scientific analysis of you environment. We assess your problem, determine what is causing it and then prescribe professional solutions to fix it.
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Communication with you as a client is key. Your understanding of the process and providing you detailed reporting information and data is our priority. (We partner with you and provide our knowledge and expertise to guide your decision making process to find the both honest and affordable solutions.)?

The process can be scary!
Of the thousands of clients we have provided service to, only a handful had ever  been through this process before. There is now an overload of information available on the internet, and while much of it can be helpful, much of it appears to be contradictory. This can be very overwhelming and not knowing what to do or who to trust,  can lead to costly mistakes and decisions.

A Conflict of interest
Lets face facts, 95% of the company’s  that do some sort of environmental inspections also do the cleaning, remediation or removal. There is a strong conflict of interest and many states are or have established standards and licensing that forbids this practice. (Tx, NY, Fla,)

Money Saving Solutions
Why? Because most of the companies that offer “free” inspections are in reality selling you a high pressure, high dollar cleaning or removal project. Some will also explain that you do not need an inspection or testing. If there is not a baseline established, there is no way to determine the success of a project. In 35-40% of our investigations some simple and affordable solutions where suggested where the client did not need costly remediation done.

(Benefits) Protect your health, your property and have a certified consultant working for you to guide you on your next course of action. Most people have never been through this process before. We have saved our clients thousands of dollars in unnecessary remediation costs and have offered them the peace of mind of knowing that we are on your side.

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(Features and Benefits
For over 12 years Enviroproz has been assisting renters, homeowners, building occupants, work place.. to identify problems and find solutions to healthy and safe indoor environment.

As independent third party IAQ consultants, we proudly maintain the best reputation in the industry. Helping people is what we do, we do what we love and we love what we do!

Our areas of expertise include mold inspection, mold testing, consulting for mold remediation, Indoor air quality, asbestos, allergens, volatile organic compounds, lead, carbon monoxide,.

Our professional team of consultants has helped thousands of clients to establish healthy living and work environments and most importantly… Peace of mind.

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