Indoor Air Quality, Weight and Depression

Air quality and your weight.

Is you Indoor Air Quality making it difficult for you to lose weight?

Is it possible that the indoor air you breathe is making you overweight? Adding a few extra pounds? Making it difficult to lose weight?

It is no secret that depression and obesity go hand in hand. In fact the CDC reports that 43% of all adults with depression are obese. (and this figure does not include adolescents)

Being depressed or in a “sad” mood, can cause us to reach for those “feel good” or comfort foods that can make us “happy” for a short period of time. This eating stimulates the pleasure centers of our brains.

The Indoor Environment and Depression

Numerous studies have been performed that determines how our indoor environments affect our moods. Poor air quality is known to cause illness, fatigue, headaches, and depression.

Over 80% of the homes and buildings in the US have some form of Allergens, Mold, or contaminants that could be causing health problems. And the average person spends over 90% of their time indoors.

Hidden Dangers and Causes

Mold, bacteria and other bio-contaminants are often hidden in carpets, behind walls, in attics, and in basements. These microscopic particles and organism are often non-detectable, to the naked eye. Temperature and humidity factor heavily into the activity of these contaminants.

It is very possible that your Indoor Environment is the cause or related to you being overweight or not being able to lose weight!

There are Solutions

Of course we are always told to “Eat Right and Exercise”, but we also need to add “Breathe Right” to that healthy advice!

Make sure your indoor air quality is not making you sick or depressed. If you have a few extra pounds or cannot seem to lose weight, it could be related to your environment.

There are so many illness’s and health conditions related to poor indoor air quality. Headaches Fatigue and Depression are often symptoms of something more serious.

We are Indoor Environmental Consultants and since 2002 have helped thousands of people who had health issues and never thought to get there home checked. 
Getting your indoor air quality checked is the best way to rule out that whether you have a problem or not. EnviroProz provides full investigations and offer solutions to keep your indoor environment safe and healthy!

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