Is your Exercise Environment Safe?

yoga and running

Is your indoor air healthy?

Exercise and Air Quality

There is nothing better than a good workout to help keep ourselves in shape and live a healthy balanced life style. But did you know that activities such as running, cardio and yoga can make you highly susceptible to illness causing contaminants?

Is your exercise routine causing adverse health affects?

When you exercise or work out, your muscles push harder and your body needs more oxygen. To deal with the demand, your breathing increases from about 15 times a minute (and takes in approximately 12 liters of air), up to about 40–60 times a minute or 100 litres of air.

This is almost 4x the amount of air you normally breathe and if your environment has poor air quality, it is also 4x the amount of contaminants that enter into your body. (such as allergens, dust, and mold spores)

Air Quality and Your Lungs

When you exercise the small air sacs or alveoli, that are deep in your lungs inflate and this is the point where airborne contaminants can be absorbed into the blood stream.

Mold, bacteria and other bio-contaminants are often hidden behind walls, in attics and basements or are non-detectable to the naked eye.

You put a lot of work staying in shape, don’t let poor indoor air quality sabotage your health.

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