wet moldy walls

Moisture in Walls, Causing Black Mold

Flooding And Mold

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If any material in your home or business has become wet we offer professional solutions that can save you money and make sure your environment is safe and healthy.


Identify if you have mold growth before it causes damage! The recent precipitation and flooding has caused extensive damage inland and in our coastal communities.
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A few things to know about moisture and mold;

  • Mold starts to grow long before you can see it.
  • If wet materials have not been dried within 24-36 hrs, your at risk!
  • If you detect it before it starts to colonize you will save thousands of dollars on removal costs and avoid possible health issues
  • Insulation and other materials inside walls can become wet and stay wet for long periods even if the outer wall is dry (see picture). This can cause hidden mold growth and damage to the home or building.

We offer Solutions

  • Since 2002 we have helped thousands of Pennsylvania and New Jersey Residents. We are Certified, Insured and we are full service Indoor Environmental Consultants.
  • We detect mold and other contaminants before it gets out of control.
  • Using Thermal imaging and sensitive moisture meters, we  can determine wet materials and indicators of mold growth hidden inside of walls.
  • Having the mold tested before calling a remediation company saves thousands of dollars, it makes sure all the mold is detected, and it keeps the removal companies honest.
shore flooding

Jersey Shore Flooding

Mold Removal- New Industry Standards

New IAQ Industry Standards (IICRC/ANSI S520) for Mold Removal- mandates that the mold removal company DOES NOT perform the inspection or testing on a removal project. Nor should they have any relationship or affiliation with the company doing the inspection.

Having a third party Environmental Company like EnviroProz perform the inspection, makes sure that the client is:

1.) Not over charged,
2.) That the removal company that is hired follows proper standards,
3.) That the mold is completely removed, the area is properly dried, and that the environment is treated to prevent the mold from returning.

Please note that after Hurricane Sandy, our calendar was full following up on Mold Removal Projects that had been done incorrectly and where the Mold had returned! Don’t make the same mistake, Give us a call. 888-547-5741

Call Now and Save $100 off a Premium Mold and Moisture Inspection. Pa, and NJ, only.
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